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No more “Hey can you send me the pics from last night?”Upshot is the shared camera roll for your nights out - you’ll never need to hassle your friends for photos on Whatsapp the next day again! Upshot privately Autoshares the pics & vids you and your friends take when together into a live event stream.
The best bit is that you don’t even have to use Upshot to take or share pics. Just turn Autoshare ON and use your normal camera or save snapchats - Upshot’s Autoshare technology takes care of the rest.
HOW DOES IT WORK?• You create an event on Upshot and invite your friends.
• Everyone turns Autoshare ON.
• ALL the pics & vids taken through your normal camera or saved from Snapchat are automatically posted in a private event stream that self-destructs after 7 days. You can view, like and chat around each pic & vid while it’s available. Autosharing only works when it’s ON and only uploads photos & videos you take during that time. You can turn it OFF anytime.
• You can also sync your Facebook events to get the pics & vids from all attendees in one private place - perfect for University socials & larger events.
• Every time you create an event, invite others, add a pic, comment etc you collect Upshot points. You can convert these points to bragging rights against friends who are less awesome than you.